Church Leadership and Operations

In the Episcopal Church, a local parish is governed by the Priest and the Vestry under the authority of the local Diocesan Bishop and the Diocese. The Vestry meets on a regular basis, usually monthly, and there is usually an executive committee of the Vestry that can address issues that arise between vestry meetings.

Vestry: The Vestry is comprised of a group of lay members (non ordained people of the church elected by the congregation at its annual meeting), the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden. The Vestry essentially serves as the Board of Directors for the church and has responsibility for the maintenance of the physical property, church administration and other aspects and programs that enhance the life of the parish. The Priest presides over vestry meetings and is a voting member. When the priest is absent or has delegated the authority, the Senior Warden may preside over the meetings. The Priest and the vestry work together assure that parish life runs smoothly, efficiently and effective.

Priest: The Priest has sole jurisdiction over matters concerning worship, the administration of the sacraments and other spiritual matters.

Senior Warden: The Senior Warden is essentially the Chairperson of the Vestry. The Senior Warden is appointed by the Priest with the consent of the church members. The Senior Warden is responsible for the corporate life of the congregation and is a member of the executive committee.

Junior Warden: The Junior Warden is also appointed by the Priest with the consent of the church members. The Junior Warden is responsible for the upkeep of the church property and also serves as a member of the executive committee and of the Vestry.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer is responsible for the church finances including accounting, financial reporting, budget preparation and bookkeeping. The Treasurer is appointed by the Vestry and is a member of the executive committee.

Clerk of the Vestry: The Clerk of the Vestry is essentially the secretary of the board of directors. They keep the minutes and other vestry records. The Clerk is appointed by the Vestry but is not a member of the Vestry.

Members of the Vestry

Currently, Holy Redeemer’s vestry consists of 6 lay members (including officers) and generally meets monthly. The 2018 Vestry members are:

  • Deb Green, Senior Warden

  • Stephen Herr, Junior Warden

  • Kirk Maness, Treasurer

  • Nora Robinson, Clerk,

  • Christina Maness, Vestry Member

  • Myles King, Vestry Member

  • Pennie Goodman, Vestry Member

  • Darren Armstrong, Vestry Member

  • John Robinson, Vestry Member