Our Story

The Church of the Holy Redeemer is the oldest Anglo-Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Colorado.  It is historically an African-American church located in the heart of Denver’s African-American community. As the surrounding neighborhood has changed, the Church of the Holy Redeemer has become a richly diverse faith community that values it’s African-American and Anglo-Catholic heritage, as well as embracing the evolution that has occurred.

God blesses all of  us with certain gifts and passions.  There are at least four specific gifts and passions we have identified at the Church of the Holy Redeemer:

Celebrating our heritage and valuing cultural diversity:  We are a multi-cultural congregation that values and lifts up the important contributions of the many cultural communities in our city. Our congregation’s heritage is as the African-American Episcopal congregation worshiping in the Anglo-Catholic Tradition.  This provides us a unique and important perspective of the Christian faith and the importance of valuing a person’s cultural and ethnic heritage. It is important to us to foster and to encourage the ministry and the contributions of all people.

Caring about Hunger, both physical and spiritual: Many of us have had personal experiences of hunger, either ourselves or  in our immediate or extended families. We have compassion for those who hunger and a passion for assisting them.  Much of our ministry is a response to our own spiritual hunger and our experience of being fed by the Word of God and the Holy Eucharist.

Developing young people: We have a passion for developing young people into the people God created them to be. Our congregation has had a strong history of educators and social workers. Whether through the church’s own programs, supporting other programs or supporting individual young people, we are committed to seeing young people blossom into their God-given potential.

Appreciating the Creative Arts as a spiritual gift: We have a gift and passion for the creative arts including music, dance, art and literature.  Our congregation has a deep appreciation for how the creative arts draw us closer to our Savior and the creative spirit of God.  We also appreciate how the creative arts assist us in our prayer and worship either at home or in church.  We seek to foster and to share this gift with others.