Episcopal Diocese of

Colorado Episcopal Foundation-

Colorado Jubilee Ministries -

St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal School, Denver- An independent Episcopal day school in Northeast Denver excelling in academics, music and visual arts.

St. Francis Center, Denver – The Saint Francis Center is an Episcopal ministry in Denver devoted to providing a refuge to the homeless. The Center is the largest day shelter in the state.

The Gathering Place, Denver-- This the only daytime drop-in center in metropolitan Denver that serves women, transgender individuals, and their children who are experiencing poverty and even homelessness. No fees are ever charged for any of the programs or services.

Metro Caring, Denver-
Metro Caring is a non-profit organization which provides many services to individuals and families that include food, bus tokens, utility assistance, tools for work, and identification documentation.

Colorado Haiti Project, Boulder-, aids the poorest of the poor in a rural area of Haiti called Petit Trou de Nippes. Supported by private donations and by more than 40 Episcopal churches in Colorado, its primary mission is with the Episcopal Mission of St. Paul’s, where volunteer work to provide education, vocational training, health care, nutrition and clean water within the mission.

Food Bank of the Rockies

Book of Common Prayer on-line-

Union of Black

LGBT in the Church-

Drug Rehabilitation- Many people suffer from addiction.  This is an organization to assist in putting lives back together.  It only takes one step in the right direction and this is an excellent first step.