Welcome to the Episcopal Church of the Holy Redeemer!

The people of Holy Redeemer have been a vibrant source of worship and connection to the Whittier and larger Denver Community for over a hundred years.

The core of our life today is worship every Sunday morning that is focused on Holy Communion.  The Parish Choir, Holy Redeemer Dancers and many others contribute to our worship. However, we are connected to our neighbors in other ways.

Holy Redeemer is a multi-cultural community across many generations that seeks to heal and unite our members in the body of Christ.  We strive to abide in Christ’s presence, hope and love. We believe by honoring our cultures and traditions and engaging our faith, we can live into a more reconciled, more just, more free and more faithful  future.  However, this path requires deep and honest relationships,  prayer, practice and study.

We hope you may join us  and take that journey with us.

Grace and Peace,


Worship With Us

Holy Redeemer is a multicultural congregation that gathers ever Sunday to worship, learn, talk and act as a congregation centered in Christ. The Liturgical tradition of Holy Redeemer is “High Church” with an appreciation of our African-American heritage. Join us on Sundays at 10:00 am!

Map & Directions

We are located in the Whittier Neighborhood of Denver, near City Park at 26th and Williams.