Become a Member

Become a Member of Holy Redeemer

Becoming a member of the Church of the Holy Redeemer and the Episcopal Church requires that you attend church regularly, contribute to the Church’s ministry in time and treasure and to be baptized in the Christian faith if you have not already been baptized.

If you are considering becoming a member of the Church of the Holy Redeemer, please become involved in one of our ministries or activities and attend church regularly.

For those who have never been baptized in any Christian tradition, being baptized is required to become a member of the congregation. (The Episcopal Church recognizes the baptism in any Christian tradition.)

For those individuals who have been baptized in another Christian tradition, they can deepen their sacramental involvement in the church by being confirmed in the Episcopal Tradition. Confirmation requires a period of preparation and then the laying on of Hands by the Bishop.

For those individuals who are members of another Episcopal or ECLA Lutheran congregation, they can request that their letter of membership be transferred from their congregation to Holy Redeemer.

If you have any questions or would like to become a member, please speak to the Senior Warden or the Priest. We look forward to having you join us.

Become a Friend of Holy Redeemer

If you would like to support and encourage the ministry of Holy Redeemer without joining the congregation, considering becoming a friend of Holy Redeemer. There are many reasons that you may choose not to be a member of the church: you have moved away, you belong to another church, you are not ready to join a congregation, etc.  However, you may want to know about and to support the mission and ministry of Holy Redeemer. We encourage you to tell us that you would like to be a friend of Holy Redeemer and receive communications from us. We are very grateful for the friends and family of Holy Redeemer that support us throughout the community and the country. If you would like to become a Friend, please let us know by contacting the church office by phone or email.